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The Importance Of Responsive Design For Mobile Devices

responsive design

In a lot of occasions we try to access the web through our smartphones or tablets and we find the next problems: page won’t load correctly, information appears messy or images ae cut-off. This happens because the website was not made to adapt to our mobile devices. This problem has a solution and it’s called responsive design.

The responsive web design is in charge to adapt any web to any channel, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, optimizing design and content to make navigation fast and fluid, and the whole experience be the desired one.

For example, in a big screen, like a Smart TV, will appear multiple columns, while on a mobile device will possibly appear only one column with bigger text to facilitate reading and user experience.

Adapt to Omnichannel

We are living in times where omnichannel forms part of daily web intake. We wake up with our smartphone in hand, continue web navigation in our work desktops and is possible we make tablet conversions from the sofa. This is why responsive design has become essential. Few things frustrate the shopping experience more than pretending to read information, buying an article or do a search and not being able to do it in an agile and fast way.

Tips for a responsive design

Like in many situations in our life, less is more, that is, a standard design will be easier to adapt than a website filled will columns and sections. Also, we need to keep in mind that each of these columns or sections don’t need to have a lot of information, it will be more complicated to adapt and will be less visual and attractive to consumers.

Another important aspect is when making a responsive web design avoid effects, some effects that work on laptops won’t work on mobile devices. We need to make a multi device platform check to make sure the effects work in different channels.

We must not forget that page loads and screen sizes are the most important technical aspects when it’s time to start drawing the project to avoid failures that could ruin the navigation.

If to all this we add that Google itself recommends a responsive web design for SEO reasons, seems clear that right no, with the available technology and consumer habits, it’s the best option for your site.

Responsive web design is one of the biggest design trends. In addition, the fact that it is the most economical design in terms of maintenance and development, also makes it the favorite design.

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