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10 SEO Benefits And Why Every Business Needs It

1. High Return On Investment

One of the main benefits of SEO is offering high return on investment, compared to other forms of promotion in search engines like Google Adwords.

To get our website to appear organically on search results does not include any cost. Apart from the SEO professional service and the derivative of creating good content to position.

One of the main differences between SEO and SEM, is we don’t have to pay Google to appear in search results.

Another SEO benefit related to your profitability is the no limitation of traffic or time, like it happens in adwords campaigns. In the latter, from the moment the budget runs out or the campaign period ends you stop appearing in search engines and consequently the website will stop getting traffic.

2. Long-term positioning

One of the benefits of SEO is that it is a long term marketing strategy . If we can have a good SEO positioning, upload optimized content periodically and do a little maintenance they won’t easily take away the top positions in search engines from us.

3. Increased targeted traffic

The first 3 search engine positions take more than 75% of the clicks and less than 10% of users go to the second page of search engines, since users prefer to do a new search.

To correctly position a web page it is necessary to do a keyword research, to detect all the terms that your customers use to look up products and services. This will attract quality traffic since you will offer what your clients are looking for.

Many users do not pay attention to Google ads. The skip these positions and go directly to the organic results, since anyone can bid and appear in these positions.

While organic search results are the reward for good positioning work and are perceived by users as better quality content and more adapted to their search needs, reason why it generates a greater confidence in them.

4. Increase sales or conversions

SEO is much more than traffic. Implementing good SEO actions will help optimize website conversion rate.

This is why we have to optimize all the elements of our website that have to do with sales or conversion. 

Such as the sales funnel, the pages where customers access to make purchases and the product or services sheets.

We must detect what are the keywords used by users who make a purchases in our website. And focus our efforts to attract more traffic that converts.

On the other hand, we will not get the maximum benefit from SEO if we drive traffic to the web but sales or conversions don’t increase. So it is essential to optimize the purchase funnel to detect technical errors, unnecessary steps, purchase forms that request too much information, o simply information the user does not understand.

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5. Promote the website without rest

Other benefits of SEO is being able to position our website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once your website is optimized There will be no one to take you down from the top.

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6. Creation of good content

Google will not put any content first. So we must create good content, that both users and search engines like.

For this we will resort to SEO content writing, which consists of optimizing the text on the web, including the main keywords in relevant sites, like the titles, the meta tag, the first paragraphs of the web and the images. 

Although we will always keep in mind that is the user to whom the content is directed and who should we please first.

7. Increase your brand visibility

One of the benefits of SEO is being at the top of search results. This will provide customers and users a good impression of our brand.

On the other hand, the more pages we have positioned, the more possibilities there are for users to see our content, access the web and consume our products or services.

If you don’t have good positioning users may think you are new to the industry, you have little web traffic, it’s a little-known brand, or that you do not have enough resources to make an investment in SEO positioning.

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8. Web usability improvements

Many of the optimization actions improve web usability making easier for users to navigate and make certain actions on the web like making a purchase or registering

When optimization actions pay off, You will see your results ratios improve considerably in Google Analytics.

9. Improvements in web loading times

If we do a good SEO on-page and we optimize our page reducing the size and weight of the images, validating the code so that there are no errors and we minimize it and perform server optimization tasks so that the requests received are processed quickly and efficiently.

This will greatly reduce web load times. This SEO benefit will be highly valued by users, especially when browsing with a mobile device.

10. Trust

Users know that the content offered in the top positions is of quality and this gives them greater confidence towards these web pages.

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