5 Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Manager

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1. Strategy adapted to you and your company

A great Social Media Manager won’t play around the bush telling you about utopian approaches that only big companies can afford.

Instead, a Professional Social Media Manager will adapt to your company’s :

  • Necessities and resources
  • Brand Objectives
  • Your availability
  • Available means for your company

But above all, he will be clear, concise and will indicate you how to combine it with the rest of online or offline marketing strategies.

2. Define real goals

A good social media specialist will establish real, affordable, viable goals for your social media strategy and all the activity will run over them.

At the same time he will know (o try) the time frame in which you will be in conditions to get real tangible results.

The contact between the client or the company they work for and the social media manager must be continuous and there has to be a fluid communication from both parts. The daily operation is the one who’s in charge,

  • Must know if there are promotions or special actions to diffuse
  • Needs to know the most important areas of your company
  • As a social media expert, he must work on creating/ spread commercial messages or appropriate slogans, reflecting creativity, know-how and good brand image.
  • Must create an adequate  blog content planification and equally must know how to promote your blog and its content in an effective manner.

3. Humanization of communication

Have in mind that in social media we are real people talking to real people, that’s why is necessary to humanize communication and keep away from “distant and cold” attitudes to opt for friendly and close tones.

On most occasions, a lot of  companies tend to work with robot-like messages and don’t get results.

Why?… Well because they are missing two fundamental points in any social media strategy:

  • Work the emotions: surprise, pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, results achieved, expectation …
  • Personalization: If I, as a client, perceive that the message they’re sending to me is the same as everyone else, I will eventually stop being interested. We all want to be special and different.

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4. Uses the best tools

Above all, if we want to get good results according to the objectives set and within the established deadlines, we need to work with he right tools.

And by default, the free tools don’t work or don’t offer 100% valid data or in common occasions don’t allow us the proper functionality.

If you are outsourcing your social media manager he will bear the expenses of said tools, but if he is part of your company the cost must be borne by you.

Some of the best tools for social media marketing management could be:

  • Hootsuite : Tool for daily social media management and Twitter monitoring that every social media expert should have and use.
  • Buffer : Multiplatform tool to program content you are interested in publishing on social media.
  • TweetBinder : Tool to monitor HashTags in real time with good reports and analytics. 
  • Metricool : A very powerful tool for content programming and results analysis.

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5. Increased website traffic

One of the metrics that your Social Media Manager will have to work on is the amount of traffic or visits you are getting redirected to your website. So, one of the tools that the social media manager will need to work with is Google Analytics where you can easily find this information.

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