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Telemarketing Trends 2020


Omnichannel is a strategy in which various communication channels are used simultaneously. In the case of contact centers, the trend is that more than one possibility is offered for interaction between customers and operators. To achieve this diversity, channels such as telephone, SMS, online chat, social networks and chatbots can be used. So the client can choose the way in which he feels most comfortable to contact the company. Regardless of which channel the customer chooses, quality must be maintained. This will guarantee a satisfactory experience, a theme that will continue to be one of the main trends in the Call Centers market in the coming year.

2. Return calls

Even when it comes to the customer experience, the use of callbacks appears as another aspect to consider. People’s time is increasingly scarce, so waiting for an operator to be available can be very unpleasant. Return calls serve to ease this situation. When calling a company and not finding an available operator, the customer does not need to wait any longer. You can hang up the phone and immediately receive a call once an attendee is vacated. This tool influences an important key indicator: waiting time. By eliminating the wait for customer interaction and freeing you up for other activities, the negative impact this KPI can have on customer satisfaction is reduced.

3. Self service

Empowering customers and letting them resolve claims on their own can improve their experience with the company. Increasingly, it is possible to solve problems in an automated way, avoiding occupying attendees or producing unnecessary waiting times. In this context, there are two very important points to consider. The first is the availability of informational content. FAQs, tutorials, e-books and guides should be available to help the client go through all the stages successfully. In addition, automated chatbots can help solve predictable and simple questions. The second is accessibility. People with special needs must be remembered and solutions designed to serve them effectively. Quality of service can be compromised if not all customers are able to solve problems on their own.

4. Chatbots

Although already implemented, chatbots are still a developing technology. Among its advantages is the possibility of establishing conversations automatically, solving foreseeable problems.

In the event that the problem is not resolved, the chatbots can pass the conversation on to a human assistant, who will take care of them.

5. Big Data

The current digital scenario allows the capture of a large amount of information. Due to social networks, behavioral analysis and the registration of pages visited, today it is possible to have more data about the client. This allows a strategic treatment of data, which can be used to personalize interactions and provide unique experiences. In the field of call centers, this reality allows better management of the data bank. It is possible to better understand the client and direct the attention in a way that generates better results. In this context, call recording stands out. By storing them and managing your information, it is possible to access highly valuable data.

6. Cloud

The use of softwares in the cloud has been one of the main trends in the call center market in previous years, and it will continue to grow in 2019.

Using a cloud solution allows less investment in hardware, reducing structure and operating costs. In addition, the option offers greater security for the operations and data handled. While this technology was available only to large organizations, today there are solutions for companies of all sizes. This makes it possible for any contact center to gain in agility and flexibility, improving the performance of its management through the use of simple, optimized and easy-to-use systems that facilitate the management of the workforce.

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