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Call Center Services

Whether you have got order overflow or need a 24-hour call center, 247. INC will help you with all that you need. We provide premium, inbound call handling, outbound campaigns, call recording, virtual assistant services, call statistics in the most customer-centric way.

Innovative technology

At 247.INC, we are head and shoulder above the rest in our provision of innovative technologies and human-centric consultative utilities.

Unlimited coverage

We cover multiple call centers in the United States and overseas. Our solutions are far-reaching, from coast-to-coast and beyond. Our VA services are time flexible.


We are fully equipped with call-monitoring capabilities that are secure and PCI compliant. We safeguard all recordings in handle sensitive customer information with utmost discretion. All message data are protected with SSL encryption to keep your info safe. Our secure support services are available during your local business hours.

Human -Centric Analysts

Our virtual assistants are real people with apt communication and tech skills, who gravitate towards the needs of customers. They can identify the nuances of conversation as well as the emotional undertone of every call. The vast majority of our high-energy VAs have a Bachelor's Degree or higher. They are well trained are hired with ethical best practices and without regard to race, color, gender, gender expression, genetics, cultural heritage, or age.

BPO Services

247 INC offers unbeatable Business Process outsourcing by providing seamless inbound and outbound telemarketing programs. We help you to expedite last-mile deliveries to your clients by answering overflowing calls, appointment setting, and task management all day, every day. Amazon and Best Buy use third-party contractors like us to process thousands of minutes of calls per month. You can rest assured knowing that your outsourced teleservices needs are in competent hands.

Appointment Setting

Let us reel in more revenue for your enterprise by showing us your blueprint for new business appointments. We will secure as many appointments as required and maintain an organized database, whether it's on your CRM or calendar. We also deliver premium market research services to provide insights and trend analysis on growth factors and current consumer preferences. Contact us today to make your appointment prospecting more efficient.

Virtual Assistant

The instinct of an entrepreneur is to fix every problem alone in a superhuman manner. The reality, however, is that while your business is thriving, you want to maintain a shoestring budget. And with a lot on your plate, you're having a hard time managing endless emails, calls, and updates. This is an indication that it's time for you to hire a responsive team.
Our experienced and friendly virtual assistants are on-hand to help take your company to new heights. We have English and Spanish options. We'll simplify your operations by freeing up time, saving work hours, and recording more sales. Our VA helps you to handle your schedules, appointments, email accounts' management, social media posts, and campaigns, creating documents, proofreading documents, book travel arrangements, synchronize affairs between team members and clients, and so much more. Let's help scale your customer support operations today while you focus on what matters the most.

Research and Analysis

It's no longer news that the 80-20 rule deftly applies to Telemarketing. 20% of your efforts yield 80% of the results. However, in many instances, 80% of the time you spend is wasted effort that produces zero results. And that's why you need to focus doggedly on only your most critical tasks. Delegate your time-intensive tasks to us and can channel momentum on aspects of your business that really matter. Rely on our ever-reliable team to:

  • Curate a robust list of contacts
  • Recommend project methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to determine what's working and what's not
  • Perform in-depth market, data, human resources, and recruitment research and lots more!
  • Calls

More than 75% of consumers stop doing business with a company following a bad experience. At 247 INC, we maintain a first-rate customer-centric experience with our Virtual Assistant utility. Every call is answered by an empathic, highly professional virtual receptionist who delivers outstanding experiences. We are a reputable brand with years of expertise in call presentation, cold calling, appointment setting, collection, and more. We are primed to perform remarkable phone presentations and modulate conversations on your behalf because we know full-well that more than half of consumers actively advise friends against businesses that deliver a poor experience.

Back Office

Many back-office undertakings are integral to the brand’s core business process. However, this exercise is monotonous and inefficient. 247 INC has the means to meet and exceed all these expectations with our flexible back-office services and outstanding track record for keeping business flowing with immense precision. Rely on our team of experts for:

  • Accountancy and bookkeeping
  • Document collection and processing
  • Revenue management and protection
  • customer service linked back-office tasks
  • Incoming/outgoing invoice management