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Striking the right balance between telemarketer performance and lead generation is a huge challenge for any business. On the one hand, you want your call center to handle all the heavy-lifting, but on the other, you don’t want to overload your infrastructure and waste your hard-earned funds with unreliable lead generation and qualification services in an ultra-competitive digital market.

At 247 INC, we address these margins in the most efficient way. We are fully aware that customers demand immediate information, and phone calls denote only a percentage of potential lead opportunities. We capture all leads via text, chat, email, and social media. We will screen each lead to determine quality before transferring them to your team in our live-transfer feature. And at your directive, we will close the deal for you to register an increase in sales with our performance-based results. In the end, the money you have invested will generate the highest yield possible. Our Lead Generation services are rendered in English and Spanish.

247 INC provides:

Outsourced b2b lead generation

Our prospecting specialists and BPO service helps you drive further business as you maintain your current clients. Enjoy all the benefits of our lead generation services without getting in the way of your business proceedings. We have helped many firms to engage and retain prospective clients. And if you do not get started today, your competition will. Let’s help turn things around.

Lead qualification

Prospects are ranked according to how hot or cold they are. We effectively qualify your prospective clients and prompt your crew to focus on what they know how to do best: finalizing the deal.

Lead verification

Our live agents will sift through the noise and scrutinizing every inquiry about your product or service. This is what differentiates us from others. We have built our telemarketing functionalities from scratch to ensure that leads can't be found elsewhere. The moment a lead fits your requirements and filters, it will be matched and sent to your team.

Lead filter validation procedure

This two-step process involves Lead Inquiry and Lead Nurture. We take the Lead Inquiry step when a prospective customer submits an application on your site or makes a call; we send it to our Lead Software instantly for further confirmation of the attributes and qualifications. We carry out the Lead Nurture step by scoring prospect interactions. We then follow up with prior inquires or nurtured prospects who may qualify for products or services.

Live transfer

We will transfer the lead to you after all the parameters have been checked. Form submission will be performed in real-time either via phone, text, email, to your CRM on in your lead portal software.

Lead conversion

After all your prospects are sourced and engaged, we close deals with a professional touch, and in a way that earns your business for a lifetime.

Social media ad

This year, digital marketing is more important than ever before. If you are a traditional marketer or a small business owner, chances are you are looking for business growth. While many old techniques are most likely to fail as a result of the incidence of the digital paradigm shift, online marketing should be on your agenda. 247. INC is a leading digital marketing agency with years of experience in marketing your products and services. We also provide forthright Telemarketing services.

Companies are purring over the unique solutions we bring through our dynamic expertise and access to the latest tools and technologies. We are dedicated to providing fresh content and are masters of digital storytelling. With us, you can focus on what you do best while we deliver measurable results in a cost-effective, flexible manner. Sign up for any of our services and enjoy a 1 month free trial.